Disclaimer, terms and conditions of use

  1. Ownership of the website
    This website (hereafter referred to as ” Millennia website”) belongs to Millennia S.a.r.l., a company based in Luxembourg.
  2. Accuracy of the information
    The content of the Millennia website is provided for information purposes only. Although Millennia takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information on this website is correct at the time of publication, it makes no representation or warranty (including liability towards third parties), express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information provided. The information provided on the Millennia website may be modified at any time without prior notice. The posting of any information on the website should not be understood to imply that there have been no changes since the information was filed with the relevant regulatory authority or since it was published or that the information is accurate at any time after publication. By accessing the Millennia website or using any information provided on this website (for personal use or for third parties), you signify your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use below.
  3. Updates to this Disclaimer and the Terms of Use
    This website may be updated at any time. Therefore, Millennia advises you to read it again regularly to ensure that you are informed of any changes.
  4. Use of the Millennia website
    Subject to these Terms of Use, you may not:
    a) systematically copy (whether by printing off onto paper, storing on disk or in any other way) substantial parts of the Millennia website; except where Millennia provides a download-link.
    b) remove, change in any way any of the content of the Millennia website or otherwise use any material contained on the website;
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    d) pass on or make available all or part of the website, data or documents from the website to third parties for your own commercial purposes, whether for free or in return for payment.
  5. No investment advice offered by Millennia No information published on the Millennia website constitutes financial, legal, tax or other advice, nor should any investment or any other decision be made solely based on this information. Investments in any of the investment instruments described on the website should only be made after carefully studying the corresponding prospectus and fund contract. You should obtain advice from a qualified expert before making any investment decision.
  6. Information not tailored to your needs
    The information contained on the Millennia website is neither tailored to nor oriented towards your individual needs. Therefore, such information may be completely unsuitable or inapplicable to your individual investment decisions. You should obtain personal advice from a qualified expert before making any investment decision.
  7. No offer
    No information published on the Millennia website constitutes a solicitation, offer or recommendation to buy or sell any investment instruments or to conclude any other transactions or any legal acts.
  8. Forward-looking statements
    The value of an investment may fall as well as rise at any time. The future performance of an investment cannot be deduced from previous market value. Therefore, good performance in the past does not guarantee good performance in the future. Therefore, Millennia cannot guarantee that any capital invested will maintain its value or increase in value.

    Millennia’s website may contain forward-looking statements. Even if such forward-looking statements reflect the views and future expectations of the fund providers, a series of risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause actual developments and results to diverge substantially from the fund providers’ expectations.

  9. Computer viruses, malware and spyware
    Furthermore, Millennia disclaims all liability for any tampering with the Internet user’s computer system by unauthorized parties. In this regard, Millennia expressly draws attention to the risk of viruses and the possibility of targeted attacks from malware and spyware programmes. In order to combat viruses, it is recommended that the most recent browser versions be used, and that anti-virus software be installed and continually updated. As a rule, the opening of any email from an unknown source as well as any unexpected attachment to an email message should be avoided.
  10. Legal restrictions on use
    Millennia website contains information and documents intended solely for distribution to professional clients, eligible counterparties and those persons to whom the promotion is permitted under meaning of article 2 of the 2016 Act of Luxembourg such as Institutional Investor according to Luxembourg Law, Professional Investors and any other investor who (i) adheres in writing to the status of experienced investor and (ii) either (a) commits to invest a minimum of EUR125,000 in the Company or (b) has obtained an assessment by a credit institution within the meaning of Directive 2006/48/EC, by an investment firm within the meaning of Directive 2004/39/EC, by a management company within the meaning of Directive 2009/65/EC, or by an AIFM within the meaning of the AIFM Directive certifying its expertise, experience and knowledge in adequately appraising an investment in financial products.
    It is not directed at or intended for retail clients and should not be relied upon as such.
  11. Location restrictions
    The financial products presented at the website are not meant to be directly or indirectly, offered or sold in the USA or any of its territories or to US Persons, as defined under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (hereinafter “Securities Act”).
  12. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with Luxembourg Law and the Luxembourg courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter arising out of or in connection with the website and its use.